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Packaging Application

LR Mate

Allied installed four new Fanuc LRMate Robots to load file folders into boxes for end customers. Our customer had four similar lines to which Allied added a Fanuc Robot to each. The six-axis LR Mate robot was very effective at matching the flexibility needed for placing the folders. Half the folders were put into the box in one direction and the other half went the opposite direction. These two positions are shown in photos at the bo†om of the page. The project was a great success and the LRMate is fast enough to keep up with the speed of the production line.

As part of the project, Allied had to interface to a GE PLC. Allied made programming changes to the GE PLC to coordinate that the robot moves with the machine that fed file folders to the robot. For this project, coordinating signals were simple enough to use discrete communications which saved the customer time & money. Changes were made to the HMI to display Robot I/O and let the operator know of alarm conditions.

LR Mate Interface
LR Mate Arm

CNC Machine Tending

Allied programmed a Fanuc M-20iA robot to tend two CNC machines. The robot loaded both machines and started the CNC process for each machine. The robot was able to unload

and load one machine while the other machine processed apart. Allied programmed the Allen Bradley PLC to interface to each CNC machine to perform the communications.

CNC Machine
Welding Cell

Welding Cell

Allied integrated a robot weld cell. The customer had purchased a used robot cell that Allied programmed to weld on four fixtures. The cell included an index table that is controlled by a seventh axis on the robot. Allied mounted and wired all inputs and pneumatics on the fixtures. Allied provided a CompactLogix PLC with Ethernet I/O on each quick connect fixture. This solution allows the cell to be expanded in the future for additional parts.

Machine Tending

Allied programmed a Fanuc LR Mate robot to load parts into a machine. The robot picked up small parts using vision then loaded them into a machine.

Fanuc LR Mate