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Our customer had nine identical machines that ground titanium sheets that were up to 5' wide and 10' long. Allied Controls LLC replaced the controls for each machine with Allen Bradley I/O and Safety I/O. A Safety CompactLogix PLC was provided to control three machines. We added two current transformers to monitor the 100 HP motors that did the grinding. These current transformers were wired to analog safety inputs. 

If the current spiked during production, the 100 HP motor was shut off right away. This prevented the titanium sheets from shooting out of the machine. The safety upgrade also included additional upgrades to provide dual-channel safety switches on all machine guards and gates.

A 10" PanelView was included in a separate stainless-steel enclosure. This enclosure included I/O for the machine and the network switch. Allied Controls LLC programed the PanelView to provide diagnostics of the controls and the safety system for the machine. This gave operators and maintenance personnel alarms and indications of every input and output controlled by the PLC. The PanelView also provided information on production counts and current transformers. The PLC upgrade also allowed the customer to add additional data collection to show OEE data.

Safety Controls